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About Us

Slow Food Delmarva is the Southern Delaware and Maryland Eastern shore chapter of Slow Food. We’re one of over 250 chapters in the U.S. operating within the network of the national non-profit organization Slow Food USA.

Slow Food Delmarva's leaders are volunteers who organize programs that bring Slow Food’s values to our community. We are supported by fundraising and, in small part, by the dues-paying members of Slow Food. We believe that everyone, dues-paying or not, can get involved in the healthy food and agriculture movement. With diabetes and obesity ruining our nation’s health and with climate change and environmental injustice worsening, we can’t afford to ignore the consequences of the way we grow, distribute and eat food

The leaders of Slow Food Delmarva are ordinary people who volunteer their time to bring Slow Food’s values to our community. We aren’t all “foodies” and we don’t all work in food. Our founding members consist of everyday people ranging from tourism experts, chef and nutritionist to entrepreneur, organic farmer and off-centered restaurant owner. We do all believe that organizing our community to share and support good food is a cause that’s worth our time and passion.

The leadership team is 8 co-leaders with elected positions and a steering committee that advises them, offers input and plans events. The team meets once a month during a pot-luck dinner that is full of good times and great food. We are currently looking for members to join our steering committee and assist with the many tasks at hand. There are no limits to the size of the steering committee, but committee members agree to attend meetings and to co-organize at least one event per year.

To speak with the Slow Food Delmarva founders, or to learn more about how you can get involved contact us today.



Slow Food Delmarva was founded by Brett Bold and Hari Cameron.