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Our Mission

Buying and eating local food not only is healthier due to its freshness and nutritional value, but it also tastes better, saves gas, creates local jobs and connects you directly to the food source.

Slow Food aims to build networks of producers with co-producers within the convivia as well as connect the convivia with the community to all work together for one common goal. This goal is to “build relationships with producers, campaign to protect traditional foods, organize tastings and seminars, encourage chefs to use local foods, choose producers to participate in international events and promote taste education in schools.”

Slow Food will not only honor farming traditions and practices, but also create and open up a network of fisherman, foragers, bee keepers, ranchers, nutritionists, bread & cheese makers, teachers, chefs as well as any local merchant who wants to get involved in the local sustainability movement. The more diverse our organization is, the more people we will attract, thus the more lives we will be able to impact.

Eating is an agricultural act and informed, discriminating consumers become co-producers. For them, food should be Good, Clean and Fair.

  • Good - Tasty and flavorsome, fresh, capable of stimulating and satisfying the senses.
  • Clean - Produced without straining the earth’s resources, its ecosystems and its environments and without harming human health.
  • Fair - Respectful of social justice, meaning fair pay and conditions for all concerned, from production to commercialization to consumption. By training our senses to understand and appreciate the pleasure of food, we also open our eyes to the world.

Our chapter will not only embrace these philosophies of Slow Food, but also take them a step further by encompassing these philosophies into our own three goals - to educate, honor and assemble.