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Slow Food is dedicated to providing food education to citizens throughout the region.

Our topics cover:

  • Educate teens about, agriculture, eating healthy and where your food comes from.
  • Develop a Slow Food school program in the local Middle and High Schools. We have many great contacts within the school district and schools and are confident that they will embrace a Slow Food project in the schools.
  • Send out quarterly newsletters to inform our constituents about local sustainability issues. Promote Good, Clean and Fair
  • Feature different food artisans at our monthly pot luck dinners to educate us about their farming techniques as well as issues in the farming community.
  • Host cooking demonstrations by local area chefs
  • During our first two years we will compile local area food traditions into a recipe book and print it for our all constituents as well as sell it to the public to raise money

For more information, or to discuss our mission, contact Slow Food today.